B Anthony Nelson: Artist, Father, Showrunner, Creative Strategist, Storyteller, Musician, Sports Nut, and Nerd

About B Anthony Nelson


B Anthony Nelson (or just Anthony, as his friends call him), is a storytelling artist. A sensible artist that wants results and knows how to get them, but an artist always.

Anthony has written, directed, produced, developed and packaged a number of television, film and new media concepts. 

Additionally, throughout almost three decades of creative agency and corporate strategic marketing experience, Anthony has advertised, managed, started and consulted a swath of concepts in a wide range of industries. Anthony has crafted and implemented brand development, effective brand messaging, original content creation and quantifiable market growth no matter the channel or size of the company. 

In his "spare time" Anthony enjoys painting, for which he has exhibited at galleries and alternative spaces around the country.

Oh yeah, and the "b" stands for Brian.

The Artist's Art

An impressionistic portrait artist, illustrator and filmmaker, Anthony has been exhibited in galleries, museums, alternative spaces, theaters and on television across America for over thirty years. 

Never allowing for prints of his work, each painting is a one of kind piece of art that will be the only interpretation of that specific work to exist.

Currently working in Los Angeles, CA as a television and film producer and WGA screenwriter, he is the proud father of his daughter Willow and strategic marketing consultant for many companies across industries.